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Welcome to Coastal Constrictors!

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About Us

Coastal Constrictors, LLC is a small-scale ball python breeder located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  Coastal Constrictors was officially formed in 2016; however, our love for reptiles dates back to the 1990s.  As a teenager, I had a true passion for reptiles.  At one point or another I owned almost every species of snake imaginable from a green anaconda to a southern copperhead as well as a variety of turtles, lizards, and chameleons.  I truly admired these animals and kept them strictly as pets.  I learned a great deal by watching these beautiful creatures and caring for them on a daily basis.  In addition to keeping animals of my own, I volunteered at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, VA working behind the scenes in their reptile room.  During this time I furthered my knowledge of reptiles and honed my husbandry skills.

When it came time in 2002 to go off to college I unfortunately had to part with my small collection of reptiles.  Then came the real world, grad school, getting married, and having our first child.  Once things began to sort of settle down I was finally able to convince my wife to allow me to bring snakes into our house.  It took a lot of convincing but I was able to persuade her to allow me to buy two ball pythons.  I loved the all-white snakes so I decided to acquire some snakes carrying the blue-eyed leucistic complex.  Within the span of three months my collection of two snakes grew into six, which then grew into ten.  In the summer of 2015 I hatched my first ever clutch of snakes, which happened to include two blue eyed lucies.  I was hooked!

At that point Coastal Constrictors decided to expand and focus on a few specific morphs.  As you will find out, we are not like most breeders.  We focus our efforts on a very small collection of investment quality ball pythons, primarily clowns and pieds.  We do this for various reasons, but mostly because we find the clown and pied morphs exciting and we feel that there is still so much to come from those genes.  It is not our goal to compete with large-scale breeders that produce hundreds of different morphs and thousands of snakes each year.  Not a knock against any of them, but we feel that it is impossible to give the snakes the attention and care they deserve when you have a collection of thousands of snakes.  And as the old adage goes, “quality over quantity”.  We also do not “flip” animals.  This creates additional unnecessary stress for the animals and is not something that we endorse.  The overwhelming majority of the animals that we have available for sale were produced by us.  Animals available for sale that were not produced by us will be clearly labeled as such.

We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible when purchasing a ball python from us.  Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing (and it’s free!) so we hope that you enjoy your experience with us so much that you’ll recommend us to others.   Although this is not our primary job or source of income, we respond to all inquiries in a timely manner (usually within an hour) and make ourselves available to all of our customers and potential customers.  We stand behind every animal that we produce and sell.  You can feel comfortable in purchasing from us as we are not some fly by night operation; we are registered as an LLC with the Virginia State Corporation Commission and we have done everything necessary and required to operate a legitimate business.

Watching hatchlings emerge never gets old.  With each new clutch that hatches, our level of excitement remains the same, if not higher.  This is what drove us to start Coastal Constrictors.  We hope that you find that same enjoyment in your animal(s) and if there is anything that we can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.



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“Brian at Coastal Constrictors is an awesome person/breeder to deal with. Great communication throughout the process and when I received my new addition she was better than the pictures. I’d highly recommend Coastal Constrictors if you’re interested in any ball python they may have available.”

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– Jayson K.
New Braunfels, TX

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“Quality and healthy animals.  Top notch customer service and knowledge on the things they are presenting.  Excellent experience from purchase to shipping pickup.  I will buy from them again. ”

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– Vince F.
Minot, ND

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“I got a nice Banana Clown male from Brian. Good customer service and definitely would do business with him again.”

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– Michael O.
Washington, DC