2018 Season Update – February

It’s almost March and our males have been hard at work for the past few months now!  We had our first lock back in October and we saw our first ovulation in late January.  Our first pre-lay shed of the season was on 2/22/2018 so we should see our first eggs drop in 3 to 4 more weeks.

So far this season we have witnessed 38 total locks with 20 different females.  We still have a few females that are building that we hope to pair as well.  Last year was the year of the banana, but this year we’ll have much more variety and hopefully some very high end multi-gene clown morphs to include genes such as enchi, orange dream, leopard, fire, mojave, butter, lesser, cinnamon, and of course pastel.  We also have a lone freeway female that we have some awesome plans for this year if she goes.  All kinds of crazy freeway combos with enchi and orange dream thrown on top!  We also hope to have a few double het clown pied clutches this season.

If all goes according to plan, our first eggs will drop around March 20th.  Check back around that time for more information and updates.  As soon as eggs are laid, we will be turning on our live incubator camera (click here) so you can take a look as our season progresses.  We’ll leave the camera on 24/7 until the last eggs of the season hatch, so you’ll be able to see all kinds of cool snakes pip and make their way out of the eggs.  We’ll also try and capture some time lapse videos of some of the snakes that we will post on our website, Facebook, and Instagram.