Our New (and Larger) Incubator

The time has come to finally parts ways with our small wine refrigerator that we converted into an incubator.  It could hold, at most, maybe 6 clutches at a time.  That worked out fine for us the past few years as we never had more than 6 clutches incubating at any given time.  We expect to cross that magic number next year so we are in the process of converting what once was a Pepsi cooler into an incubator.

Believe it or not, we bought this thing for $20.  It’s been in the garage for the past year collecting dust but we just started getting around to working on it.  It’s heavy so the first thing we did was gut the compressor and other internals and add heavy duty caster wheels.  We then stripped all of the logos off and added some nice LED lights.  The cooler already has a built-in fan at the top, so the only thing left to do is add the heat tape and add our logo at the top of the glass.  When it’s all said and done this will probably hold 16-18 clutches at a time, which should serve us well for the foreseeable future.