2017 Season Update – December

We are just starting our pairings for the season and we have seen a couple of locks so far.  Our banana clown male is going to town with our females!  He’s already locked with one of our pastel het clown females and three of our het clown females.  We just acquired a male killer clown to throw into the mix to hopefully prove out a couple of our 66% possible het clown females.

This year our goal is to hatch at least 5 to 6 clutches from our inventory of 12 breeder females.  If we can somehow manage to get 7 or 8 clutches that would be awesome.  Hopefully we’ll end up with 1-2 pastel banana clowns and 1-2 banana clowns along with several killer clowns, pastel clowns, and clowns.

More to come as the season progresses.